Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

Co-Founder / Trade & Sustainable Development, Stuart is a freelance consultant in environment, sustainable development and trade, policy implementation planning
Address:Hilperton, UK


Stuart is one of My Citizenship founders. Although of British nationality he is an e-Resident of the Republic of Estonia, where his consulting company is based. His company is independent and specialises in trade and sustainable development, policy planning and implementation in the environmental and related sectors, river basin management and high-level international co-operation. His working experience covers 39 countries to date, from Chile and the USA in the west to Vietnam and Mongolia in the east. For much of his working life Stuart has helped countries wishing to join or otherwise to be associated with the European Union to adapt the policies and institutions to the requirements. He has a reputation as a brilliant policy analyst with a good eye for what is or is not realistically implementable.

Stuart is particularly passionate about his EU citizenship and intends to continue speaking out in support of it even after the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

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