I’ve been working since 1990 with people from all Member States and I’m still in contact with many of them. EU citizenship is what ties us together and gives us a common purpose. As for me, I feel more Romanian than British, having worked in Romania on and off since 1990 and speaking the language.…

Stuart Brown

I’m in the Pulse of Europe

Jo Hughes

The right to continue to be European and have the right to live, work, travel, study, retire in any European country … as well as to retain EHIC cards for my family and me.

Julia Resenterra

EU citizenship makes me a part of something bigger, of a network of opportunities and a progression towards one world – a world where we communicate and work together for common goals, and where we share and enjoy each other’s differences. The way it should be.

Jo Mcivor

The right to live, love, work and travel in the continent that is my home.

Barbara Leonard

The right to live, study, work and travel throughout the EU – priceless!

Barbara Taylor