Ester Olivas Cáceres

Ester Olivas Cáceres

Lawyer specialising in EU policies, international trade, intellectual property and geographical indications
Address:Valencia, Spain


Ester is a lawyer based in Valencia. With almost twenty years of professional experience she is a senior consultant to various international organisations for the implementation of technical assistance and international cooperation projects on trade, agriculture, rural development and intellectual property rights. She specialises in particular in Geographical Indications (GIs) from technical, legal and political points of view and is strongly committed to fostering the development of GIs worldwide. Ester also has over fourteen years of experience in strategic counselling, legal advisory services and representation of GI producers of agricultural products, wines, spirits and handicrafts. She has worked on the direction and management of key international organisations as Secretary General, where she represented and defended the interests of GI products from all over the world. She has in-depth knowledge of EU policies and institutions. Ester is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences.


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