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Celebrating, explaining and developing the rights that Citizenship of the European Union gives us


The Treaty of the European Union

If you are a citizen of an EU country then you are automatically a citizen of the EU, with extra rights, privileges and responsibilities. Hopefully we’ll help you not just to understand all of this but also to celebrate it in the company of like-minded people!

Why IT BEnefits us

EU citizenship adds value to your life: cherish it

It's totally unique

There is no country in the world that on its own can give you the same rights as an EU citizen.

Respect and protect your rights

Recognising shared rights encourages mutual respect, leading to a more stable and peaceful community.

What is citizenship?

Three parts to EU citizenship


Your most fundamental right as an EU citizen is that nobody can discriminate against you on the basis of nationality. Most of the other rights define how that relates to specific issues, such as freedom of movement, voting rights, consular protection and so on.


Not unreasonably, EU citizens have obligations to the country in which they choose to reside. These include respecting the law, paying taxes and voting. Those of working age are expected to be willing to work and if necessary defend the country.


EU citizenship comes with significant advantages, notably the ability to live and work anywhere in the EU. There are other benefits, such as being able to set up a business anywhere in the EU and having full access to other countries' public services and healthcare when you’re abroad.

Personal reality

What EU citizens are saying about their citizenship

Barbara Taylor

The right to live, study, work and travel throughout the EU – priceless!

Jo Hughes

I’m in the Pulse of Europe

Julia Resenterra

The right to continue to be European and have the right to live, work, travel, study, retire in any European country … as well as to retain EHIC cards for my family and me.

Stuart Brown

I’ve been working since 1990 with people from all Member States and I’m still in contact with many of them. EU citizenship is what ties us together and gives us a common purpose. As for me, I feel more Romanian than British, having worked in Romania on and off since 1990 and speaking the language. My grandchildren were born into the EU. Free movement is their birthright. Nobody takes that away from them.

Moez Adamjee

For me, I am the same as many… EU citizenship means a bigger world and room to breathe.

Barbara Leonard

The right to live, love, work and travel in the continent that is my home.

Mike Robbins

EU citizenship means a bigger world and room to breathe.

Jo Mcivor

EU citizenship makes me a part of something bigger, of a network of opportunities and a progression towards one world – a world where we communicate and work together for common goals, and where we share and enjoy each other’s differences. The way it should be.

Tamsin Evans

EU citizenship has allowed me to move with my children and get them in a school which offers extra support for new comers and now 10 months later they are already bilingual… speaking another language is a beautiful thing!

What EU citizens think

European Optimism

The latest Standard Eurobarometer (June 2019) shows optimism is significantly on the rise yet again with 61% optimistic about the future! 

More and more Europeans feel they are EU citizens:
73% of Europeans feel they are citizens of the EU, which is the highest level ever shown by this indicator.

Since 2016 this has risen 11%, now 61% of EU citizens are optimistic for the future of the European Union. Only the UK and Greece are under 50%.
Feel EU citizens
73% of Europeans feel they are citizens of the EU. This continues to increase in 22 of the 28 EU member states, with Cyprus having an 8% increase
81% of EU citizens say that the free movement of people who can live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU is their highest priority.
Meet our team

Meet our team of advisers -- EU citizens with passion and insight

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

Co-Founder / Trade & Sustainable Development, Stuart is a freelance consultant in environment, sustainable development and trade, policy implementation planning
Richard J Fairhead

Richard J Fairhead

Co-Founder / Media & Webmaster, Richard is a Media Consultant, TV and Film Director, Large Scale Events Director, Writer
Joel Baccas

Joel Baccas

Core Team Ambassador for mycitizenship.eu, Joel is a writer focusing on EU law, with both a law degree and an MSc in law and business
Ester Olivas Cáceres

Ester Olivas Cáceres

Lawyer specialising in EU policies, international trade, intellectual property and geographical indications
Claudio Dordi

Claudio Dordi

Associate Professor of International Law, specialist in international trade law
Holger Hembach

Holger Hembach

Attorney-at-Law specialising in human rights law and justice reform
Oliver Huxtable

Oliver Huxtable

Politics, global studies, international security
Tatiana Kalkanova

Tatiana Kalkanova

Executive Director, Bulgarian National Agency of Erasmus+ and consultant in education policy
Isabelle Mihoubi-Astor

Isabelle Mihoubi-Astor

International lawyer specialising in migration, asylum, refugee protection, citizenship, gender equality and human rights advocacy
Przemysław Musiałkowski

Przemysław Musiałkowski

Freelance consultant in human rights, rule of law, international criminal law and cooperation, justice reform and related issues
Robert Seelig

Robert Seelig

Attorney-at-law specialising in banking and capital market law
Bettina Wolff

Bettina Wolff

Journalist with special interest in EU, UN Development Team Leader
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